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Victor Reinz Gaskets and Seals
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- Improved heat transfer between engine block, seal and
cylinder head
- Avoiding of component distortion by quicker equalization of component temperatures
- Environmental benefits through material recycling
- Up to 70 percent less coating material needed

The proprietary Wave-Stopper™ has a plastic/elastic characteristic. The height and width of the individual waves define the properties. The Wave-Stopper adapts topographically - i.e. when a large force is applied, e.g. in the bolt area, the waves are compressed more than in positions subjected to lesser forces (in between the bolts) thus enabling additional topography, plus, the Wave-Stopper™ can be adapted to the engine already during the production. The Wave-Stopper is coated with an elastomer that flows into the depressions between the waves in the compressed state and forms concentric sealing rings. These sealing rings provide additional micro-sealing at the combustion chamber.

For added support to traditional beaded stoppers, a fluid metal bead can be added to create a greater stopper-effect around the combustion opening. The fluid metal bead embossed spacer is a stopper design offering excellent adaptability to hardware structural differences and durability. This stopper design uses a spacer layer with a embossment around the combustion opening that is backfilled with fluid metal bead, a highly metal filled resin material. The fluid metal bead conforms to hardware flatness conditions and structural differences, but still provides excellent support of the spacer layer embossment under high stresses at temperatures up to 200C. This design can also be topographically contoured to better adapt to hardware structural differences, providing uniform sealing stresses around all bores.