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Total Seal Piston Rings
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Total Seal’s® 2 piece Gapless® Piston Rings seal the end gap with the secondary rail, virtually eliminating "Blow-By". Total Seal pioneered this technology over 25 years ago and has been perfecting it ever since. Available for Top and Second Groove applications.
• Increased Horsepower and Torque
• Longer Engine Life
• Saves Money (Fewer Teardowns)
• Improved Consistency
• Cleaner, Cooler Engine Oil
• Longer Ring Life
• Better Oil Control
• Less Friction
• Increased Intake Signal
• Wider Torque Curve
• More Engine Vacuum

How it Works...

As a normal ring wears, the gap opens up, allowing more combustion gases to escape (blow-by). The Total Seal Gapless® ring solves the problem. Its patented design incorporates a two-part interlocking ring that closes off the gap and provides a better or improved seal between the piston and cylinder.

As the Total Seal ring wears, the gap stays sealed, even after dozens of grueling races. Blow-by is a thief. It steals power, it shortens the lubrication life of the crankcase oil, it causes parts to wear out prematurely, and it continues to reduce the power as the ring gap increases in size.

Big deal? Yes it is.

Blow-by is the escape of combustion gases past the piston rings into the crankcase. Blow-by steals the horsepower from your engine. It reduces usable torque. It cuts the life of engine parts.

Racers understand what blow-by is and they know how quickly it can render an engine uncompetitive. To keep blow-by under control, make sure cylinder walls are perfectly round, straight and finished to your ring set. Use your leakdown tester to check each cylinder's leakage after every race. Compression gauges don't test leakdown. In fact, your weekly checklist should include a leakdown test. If your engine is unstable, the data you receive from checking tires or chassis setting may be unusable.

And, of course, the best was to stop blow-by is to use Total Seal Gapless piston rings in your engine. Conventional leakdown on a very carefully prepared engine averages 5% -8%. After a few races, with even the best conventional high performance rings, leakdown of 12% or more is common-and we all know that excessive leakdown will make your engine uncompetitive and case premature failure of your parts.

Using the Total Seal Gapless ring always keeps your leakdown to 2% or less. Readings of 0%-1% are common even after several races.

With Total Seal Gapless rings in your engine you get more compression, more horsepower, more torque, cleaner and cooler oil, better fuel economy and more stable conditions for other testing efforts.