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Koni Shocks
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Amongst the manufacturers of shock absorbers, KONI has always been recognized as standing supreme from the rest; not settling for compromise, but aiming to optimize!
As KONI realizes that there are different and individual perceptions on how a car should behave or is experienced, this optimization has been split in three separate segments.

The first is to optimize the level of comfort and having the best possible road holding. This can be found in the Red KONI SPECIAL, designed to further improve the overall handling of the car under various road conditions.

The second is to optimize the level of road holding and having the best possible comfortable ride. This can be found in the Yellow KONI SPORT, to further enhance the cars full potential. For this segment extra fine-tuning possibilities are added like easy accessible damping- and ride height adjustment

The third is to optimize the overall level of ride, both in handling and for comfort for veteran cars. This can be found in the Black KONI CLASSIC, to upgrade the road performances of these special and sometimes rare species to contemporary standards for ride and control.

KONI is supplying to the Original Performance Car Manufacturers its standard high quality shock absorbers and for some high-end Specialty Cars the unique KONI electronically variable damping system (EVD) with a remote 4-way control for all possible ride conditions.