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Elring Gaskets and Seals
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When undertaking professional repairs, rely on the original gaskets, gasket sets and accessories from Elring – your experienced service partner with original equipment expertise. Everything you need, all from one source.

Metaloflex® from ElringKlinger
The internationally acknowledged brand name for innovative, multi-layer metal cylinder-head gaskets (CHG), made of beaded, elastomer-coated, spring-steel layers and consisting of a single layer or multiple layers depending on the actual application. Thanks to its modular design elements, this sealing system can be tuned exactly to the technical requirements of the individual engine. This means that many repetitive tasks are no longer necessary, saving both time and money. Providing almost unlimited freedom to designers.

The technical strengths of the multi-layer metal CHG are especially beneficial when used on high-performance spark-ignition engines and diesel engines with direct injection. This sealing system undisputedly ranks in first place in the passenger car market worldwide. Thanks to Metaloflex®, ElringKlinger is the world's largest manufacturer of multi-layer metal cylinder-head gaskets.

Metal-elastomer cylinder-head gaskets from ElringKlinger
A customized, strong and durable sealing system consisting of metal carriers with vulcanized elastomer profiles. The basis for outstanding performance of the metal-elastomer cylinder-head gasket is the innovative distribution of compressive strength in the engine block / cylinder head region - specific compressive strength in the combustion chamber area and a low compressive strength in the liquid area. The metal-elastomer cylinder-head gasket is the leading sealing technique for heavy-duty engines in the commercial vehicle sector - for innovative drive concepts with four-valve technology, new injection systems, lightweight construction, higher ignition pressures and optimized engine performance.

Cylinder-head gaskets for commercial vehicles, with vulcanized elastomer.

Even under extreme conditions, the metal-elastomer cylinder-head gasket never fails to function with absolute reliability: ignition pressures up to 180 bar, engine outputs in excess of 2000 kW and an engine service life of more than 1,500,000 km present no problem whatsoever.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of cylinder-head gaskets for commercial vehicles, ElringKlinger is committed to constantly improving its metal-elastomer system, providing the right engineering solution for this challenge. For instance at present, the top pressure limit is being redefined at 220 bar.

Modern sealing systems do a lot
They guarantee a reliable seal for various media (oil, coolant, fuels, combustion gas), both from the atmosphere and from the mating components. Furthermore, they act as a power transmission element between engine components while also carrying out vital secondary functions.

To ensure a reliable sealing system, sufficient surface pressure must be available for static flat gaskets in all operating conditions. In the designing process, many factors must be taken into consideration: operating media, fluctuations in temperature and operating pressure, design elements (e.g. bolts and sealing surfaces), the position of the gasket in the system and also the long-term performance of the gasket material.

ElringKlinger has the right special-purpose gasket (Metaloseal®, elastomer, soft-material) for a multitude of sealing tasks in the powertrain, exhaust system and auxiliaries, for instance compressors or pumps. Material and design are finely tuned to the specific requirements of the application.