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Carrillo Rods
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Carrillo Industries got its start in 1963 when Fred Carrillo saw a need for dependable, high quality connecting rods for the high-performance racing industry. Many parts of the internal combustion engine are susceptible to failure, but one of the most susceptible is the connecting rod. The connecting rod transfers energy from the engine, to the crankshaft, and ultimately to the final drive mechanisms. A failed connecting rod can result in a lost race and the potential destruction of a very expensive piece of machinery. Since the conception of the connecting rod business, Fred and Carrillo Industries have been dedicated to precision and quality construction. Our design goal for every rod we make is to maximize strength and durability while minimizing weight.

Manufacturing connecting rodsFred Carrillo's experience with engines is based on several decades of active participation in competition with motorcycles, dragsters, straightaways and predominantly championship cars. Fred combined his aerospace background with his years of experience in competitive racing, to design and manufacture the most durable and long-lasting connecting rod that would endure even the most severe conditions produced during high performance competition.

Fatigue is the major cause of connecting rod failure. At Carrillo Industries, we use proprietary steel, manufactured and forged to our own custom specifications. After experimenting with virtually every other reasonable material, we have found this chromium / nickel / vanadium / molybdenum FORGED alloy to be the best product to meet our stringent requirements for strength and durability.

Our connecting rods are fully machined to guarantee the removal of all surface imperfections in the forging. After heat treatment, each connecting rod is 100% magnaflux inspected and hardness checked, then machined to final size. Each set of rods is balanced and then shot peened to achieve the ultimate in strength and fatigue properties.

One of the most susceptible points of failure in conventionally designed connecting rods is the fastener system. At Carrillo, we have exerted a great deal of effort into developing rod bolts for specific applications. This effort has led to the utilization of four different bolt designs. The largest bolt available is a 7/16 inch diameter thread, fabricated either from AISI H11 tool steel or Multiphase® material. Many questions are directed to us regarding proper bolt selection. Briefly, the H11 bolt (WMC7 and WMC6) is a high quality, aircraft standard fastener, applicable to most high performance uses. Under racing conditions, we suggest that the H11 bolts be changed periodically. In comparison, the Multiphase® bolt (SPS-CARR) is designed to be a non-replacement type fastener.

Our manufacturing procedures at Carrillo Industries are fundamentally simple in nature: we blend the accuracy and repeatability of computer assisted machinery with the craftsmanship and attention to detail offered by qualified and concerned employees.