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Brembo Brakes
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More Than Brakes

Brembo was founded in 1961, when widespread prosperity allowed ever wider bands of the population to use the car. It began as a small mechanics garage located a few kilometres from Bergamo, run by the current President's father Emilio Bombassei, who gave the company a strong family element right from the start. Experience gained in mechanics and metallurgy was put to good use when the founder started working for customers like Alfa Romeo.

1964 marked a milestone in the company's history: from then on, Brembo began manufacturing the first Italian brake discs for the aftermarket. Until then, discs had been imported from Great Britain. The production of brake discs was then followed by other braking system components. The skill, specialization and quality of the products and services of this Curno-based company began to gain recognition on an international level, gaining leadership in Europe's brake disc aftermarket. For the first time in 1972, the Brembo brand was applied to motorcycles manufactured in Europe, with a supply for Moto Guzzi. In short, Brembo became leader in the braking systems market for two-wheel vehicles.