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A circles center - the basic point at which any wheel development begins, from both technical and design point of view. To do justice to the high standards BBS demands of its wheels, a perfect synthesis must be achieved between technology and design. The goal of weight optimization and maximum strength must be met while being integrated into specific design criteria. These parameters are evident in a wide variety of BBS wheels. Form follows function.

Weight Optimization: Physics set the limits.
Each gram of weight develops extreme levels of force at high speeds. Therefore, it is not surprising that we do our utmost to eliminate as many individual grams as possible in developing wheels for both motorsport and normal road use. During every phase of their jobs, our development engineers utilize complex computer simulations used by leading automobile manufacturers. Every gram we eliminate brings us that much closer to our vision of the optimal wheel.

To translate an idea into reality, designers and engineers must work hand in hand. Using an advanced 3D computer model, our technicians develop casting and processing tools. The test components made with these tools are subjected to a lengthy and intensive cycle of testing to determine how well they perform in terms of vehicle dynamics. Only after lengthy testing and evaluation is complete do these wheels get released to the open road.

As far as we are concerned, government requirements are simply insufficient. BBS wheels can withstand levels of stress that exceed the required minimums by several factors. Anything we test using complex simulation programs must be proven in actual practice. Our wheels must prove themselves on a continuous basis, both on test benches and in long - term road tests. Our wheels also demonstrate just how resistant to stress they are in almost every racing series.

How does the environment affect BBS wheels? Slush and road salt highly abrasive sand, rocks....
Realistic test setups are used in laboratory tests to determine whether and how these factors affect the serviceable life of the wheel. The results of these tests have shown that BBS wheels continue to maintain their excellent characteristics, even after many years of use.

The list of inspections performed during the manufacturing process is long. Each production step is monitored and documented, while the equipment used employs the most advanced technology available. For example, X-ray equipment is used to detect possible gas pockets known as blowholes. The finest hairline cracks can be made visible by means of UV crack testing, while computerized material examination is used to test material composition.
These procedures ensure that only products of the highest quality leave our factory. Our pledge to uphold this standard is reflected in our certifications (such as ISO 9001), all of which are required by the world's renowned car manufacturers.